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Do you think you have what it takes to survive The Blessing?

Survive the Apocalypse in Style

Except mutants... they're gross

100% Real Human Reviews

"Blessing was pretty okay I guess"
Some Guy
Meat Shield
Inc Non Roadkings
"Why are you wasting my precious time asking for a review? Who are you ? How did you get in here?"
Lord Benedictus
Top Shit


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes! Blessing is a high death, high chaos game. Go out there and do some wild stuff. The doctors at The Blessing are top notch. Not even death stops them.

Probably not ?

The usual LARP stuff. A pillow, blankets, toiletries, costuming, weapons, water and food. We provide mattresses, cabins, ammo and fun. 

No one at Blessing will force you to do anything! If anyone tries to force you to be violent, teach them about your peaceful ways by shooting out their kneecaps!

Yes! At Blessing we have all levels of Larpers from veterans to newbies. Although in game they may be trying to murder you and steal your kidneys, every one of our players and staff are real friendly people. 

Read the rules,  then head on over to our nifty Character Builder Tool under the “Tools” section at the top of this page. Its as simple as that!

If you have any difficulties or need to add something please contact us at the email provided below


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