The Atom Order

Members in the Order of the Atom are mutants. Together they revere that which set them free from the old world. They pray to the Atom, the very foundation of all matter, and a tool for both destruction and rebirth.

Crash Battalion

The Crash Battalion is the last remaining military force in the world. They obey a very strict code and chain of command. All orders are executed and followed without question. All technology that could be harmful to humanity is contained and protected by the Crash Battalion.

Cup Co Scouts

No one survived quite like the lucky and wealthy folks in the Cupridge Co. Bunkers. Cupcakes, as they are commonly referred to, tend to stick together in their sweater vests and letterman jackets, and are often starkly out of place in the desolate wasteland.

Fell Hounds

Fell Hounds are rangers that strive to maintain a bit of mercy and kindness despite the harsh world around them. They are no pushovers though and have a realistic understanding of how the world works. The Fell hounds extend an open hand, to truly in need.

Keepers of Eden

Keepers of Eden are a group of scientists who decided their pursuit of science would stop at nothing, even the apocalypse. Extremely intelligent and always curious, Keepers of Eden make it their life goal to preserve and pursuit the mysteries of the new world.

Road Kings

Divided into four main gangs, the Road Kings are as tough as they get. The rule in Metro City is survival at all costs. Gangs run the roads, looting and pillaging runs rampant and every day is a fight for survival.


For those wishing to go it alone, uninterested in the politics that come with factions and the beefs between them, there is always the path of the Vagabond. These nomads will often keep their numbers low or go it alone, their philosophy being they only need to take care of themselves

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